Epidurals are a common treatment for spinal pain and pain related to the lower back and sciatica. Epidurals have been used for many years and are considered a safe non-surgical method for treating pain. Epidurals can help:

  • Control pain and reduce inflammation 
  • Improve mobility and function
  • Allow the patient to progress in physical therapy related to injury or pain treatment 

Epidurals can be performed in our office while the patient is awake with a local anesthetic. Patients experience very little downtime and can benefit from this type of treatment for longer periods of time than oral medications and other forms of treatment. 

To find out if epidurals can help with your spinal pain, lower back, sciatica or other forms of pain, you’ll need to be evaluated by our medical team at Ashford Interventional Pain Solutions. Set up your appointment today and get back to feeling like you again.