Prone to Back Pain? Here Are Some of the Best Exercises for You

If you are one of the many people who are prone to back pain, you might find that you avoid exercise. This shouldn’t be the case! There are many exercises out there that can strengthen your back and reduce your chances and severity of back pain. So what exercises should you practice? Let’s go over a few!

Yoga. Practicing gentle forms of Yoga is a great way to exercise, strengthen, and protect your back. Why? Much of it has to do with stretching. Yoga poses tend to focus on gently stretching muscles, including those in your abdomen and back. This helps you build strength. And not only that, Yoga emphasizes conscious movements which reduce the chances of sudden accidents.

Walking. Starting with ten to fifteen minutes of walking at a moderate pace can make a positive impact on your health as a whole, not just your back. Try to stick to even surfaces, like sidewalks, and wear good walking shoes. This will help support and protect your back. Stretching ahead of time will also help!

Biking. Biking is a low-impact sport that is also easy on your back. If you don’t have a good area to go biking in outside, a stationary bike is also a good option! As you exercise, focus on good posture, and avoid hunching over – that can cause strain on your lower back.

Swimming. Swimming is a wonderful way to exercise and reduce strain on your back. Water exercises are also great for strengthening your core muscles while reducing strain on your back muscles. Just avoid those diving boards!

The most important thing to remember while exercising is to be conscious of your movements. Sudden movements are where you can risk strains and injuries. You should also avoid exercises that rely heavily on your back, or involve heavy lifting. And if you have any concerns, you should always speak with your doctor.