How is Medical Massage Therapy Different from a "Regular" Massage?

Woman getting a massage

Massage Therapy is a common treatment for stress and muscle pain. Most people have at least heard of it, and many have experienced the relief that it can bring. But what makes Medical Massage Therapy different from general Massage Therapy? Much of the answer can be found by looking at what the goal of medical massage is.

How does massage work?

Massage works by relaxing the muscle tissue. This in turn reduces inflammation, spasms, and painful muscle contractions. In some cases, medical massage can also reduce nerve compression. Once the muscles are relaxed, nerves are able to function properly. Even nearby organs can benefit from the release of muscle tension.

But what makes Medical Massage different?

Now that we’ve talked about how massage works, what makes Medical Massage different than a general massage? A medical massage therapist works with doctors and typically work in hospitals or clinics. They work directly with patients, and they have very specific goals - alleviating pain and treating health conditions. Some of these conditions include neuropathy, cancer, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, or even high blood pressure. Their advanced training helps patients in healing and overall improvement.

General massage therapists typically work in spas, and their goal is to provide relaxation for their clients. They do use many similar techniques as medical massage therapists and even soothe sore muscles, but their ultimate goal is stress reduction and relaxation.

If you suffer from chronic pain and wonder if Medical Massage might be a good treatment option, we’d love to talk to you about treatment options. Call us today to schedule your appointment 706-286-8344.

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