When is it Time to See a Doctor About Knee Pain?

Most of us have probably had knee pain of some sort at one time or another. For many, the discomfort disappears after a day or two. Or an over-the-counter pain medication relieves it in a matter of hours when combined with a little rest. There are times though when it doesn’t go away, and actually needs to be treated by a doctor.

What are the indicators that you need to see a doctor for your knee pain?

You are having difficulty walking. If the pain is intense enough that you are avoiding walking, then you need to seek medical care. Pain intensity of this level often indicates bone injury or possibly even a degenerative condition.

Your knee cannot support weight. Do you try to shift pressure away from your knee when you stand? Do you wobble a bit? While there are multiple conditions that might be the cause of these symptoms, they all need medical care.  

Swelling or redness around the knee. Inflammation surrounding the joint that makes it difficult to bend or straighten your knee is indicative of internal swelling due to injury. If this lasts more than 24 hours, it’s time to see your doctor

Unusual noises. If you hear or feel a popping noise coming from your knee, it’s time to see a doctor. Crunching noises are also something to see your doctor about.

Pain that lasts more than a few days. If your knee pain doesn’t dissipate after about 48 hours, it’s probably a good idea to see your doctor. Lingering pain can be indicative of long-term injuries, which are best treated sooner rather than later.

Pain that interferes with your sleep. If your knee pain is so intense that you are unable to fall asleep, you should see your doctor for help as soon as possible.

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