7 Ways to Make Living with Arthritis a Little Easier

Arthritis Knee Pain

Arthritis takes its toll on those who suffer from it, but there are ways to make life a little less difficult. We have some great tips for you if you deal with arthritis, and of course, our team is always here to help!

1. Keep moving. If you can, avoid holding or staying in one position for too long. If you are sitting, get up every fifteen minutes or so to stretch. This applies to working at a desk, watching television, reading, etc.

2. Start using voice dictation. Most smartphones come with voice dictation software that allows you to avoid the keyboards, and they’re pretty accurate. There are also websites that can transcribe audio as you speak. They work as long as your computer is equipped with a microphone of some sort.

3. Choose arthritis-friendly clothing. Lately “athleisure wear” has created a wealth of options for comfortable clothing, and some items are designed to look like office wear. For example, there are dress slacks that double as yoga pants. Selecting clothing that is comfortable and easy to take on and off can make life with arthritis much easier.

4. Sign up for delivery services. Most grocery stores now offer delivery and curbside options, and apps will often take coupons. Other retailers offer the same services but include clothing, household supplies, etc. Meal delivery apps allow you to order from local restaurants when cooking is difficult.  

5. Heat things up. Heated blankets and mattress pads can help you rest better, and heated throws are great for sitting while watching tv, reading, etc. Gentle heat can help relieve discomfort more than you might realize. 

6. Modify your diet. Foods that cause inflammation like sugars, wheat, and some dairy are worth looking into avoiding. Reactions can vary from person to person, so try starting by cutting back on your sugar intake to start.

7. Give yourself space. Stress can make pain worse, so giving yourself space to take things a little slower is important. You also need to be able to notice changes that can lead to flare-ups, and that’s more difficult when you’re anxious.

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