Avoiding Common Mistakes that Can Hurt

Man stretching

We know that intense physical activities can cause major injuries, but what about normal, day-to-day activities? If you aren’t paying attention, common household chores could cause you back and joint pain. You can avoid this though with a little awareness and better movement.

Stretch things out.

You’ve probably heard to stretch before starting your exercises, but stretching before any planned activity is a good thing. A few simple yoga poses or a hip stretch are great places to start.

Take smaller loads.

Whether it’s a laundry basket, bags of groceries, or a bag of potting soil, it’s easy to forget how quickly you can strain your back by lifting. When you can, opt for multiple smaller loads instead of one big heavy load. This will not only help to spare your back, but also your knees, hands, and shoulders. Using aids like chairs, steps, or carts to elevate baskets and bags will also help reduce the strain on your body.

Slouching through your tasks.

The bent-over posture that happens when you slouch doesn’t just happen if you're sitting or standing - it can also happen when vacuuming, doing dishes, or anything else where you’re bending over. Instead, alternate between maintaining a straight posture and using a lunge position. Only using one or the other can also cause injury, so alternating is best.

Keep things close.

Hugging packages and smaller items towards your core can help you avoid straining your body when you carry them. Holding them away from your body makes it easier to strain or even lose your balance.

Take your time.

Sure, it’s tempting to rush through tasks as quickly as possible, but that’s a really great way to injure yourself. Instead, take your time, pay attention to your movements, and make smaller movements. A little awareness can go a long way in keeping your body from harm.

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